FB Ads for B2B

I recently asked a B2B company If I can I help them on growing their business using Facebook Ads. And I received this response… “We’re a B2B Company, so LinkedIn is best for us.”

While I know that Facebook Ads is much more associated with Business to consumer (B2C), that doesn’t mean we have to ignore its value for B2B.

If you’ll look at the report from Social Media Examiner, the most popular platforms among Marketing professionals to do B2B business organized by use percentage are:

👉Facebook – 91%

👉 LinkedIn – 80%

👉 Twitter – 67%

You see, Facebook is ahead of LinkedIn when it comes to B2B Marketing. This experience made me realize the knowledge gap in the market. When doing Facebook Ads for b2b companies or if your e-commerce business is looking for resellers, here are some things you can do.

1. Target people, who work in a specific corporation or industry.

2. Target people according to their job position.

3. Target specific profiles with Facebook ID or Database.

4. Retargeting the professionals/business owners who visited your website.

5. Run lead generation campaign to collect emails.

Anyone here has B2B e-commerce store or serving B2b clients? How do you convince to help them using the Facebook platform?

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